About Us

Who we are

PM FUND is an investment group working with capitals markets, especially in bonds and futures market. We have been operating offline since 2001 and recently decided to expand our formerly private investment group to the general public. Our mother company is PM FUND Ltda.
Our program name is PM FUND for a reason; our focus is entirely on our clients, our job is to help you making money by selling you our knowledge on these markets we talked about for a part of the profits we will collect. PM FUND's experts will take care of the whole investment and paper work for you. All you need to do is open an account, plan your financial goals and collect your profits.
We have years of proven experience in bonds and futures markets and have been operating offline since 2001. Until now, PM FUND was only available for big investors privately referred by one of its managers; we have recently started our public expansion and are looking forward to this new alliance.

What we do

We invest in capitals market. Capitals market are markets that trade financial securities, a security is an instrument that represents the full or partial ownership of a business, a security can be seen as a part of the company/market involved that has a financial value and can be negotiated.
PM FUND specializes in bonds and futures market. The bond market consists of trading debts, which can be sold by companies in need of raising money quickly and the futures market is based on buying and selling commodities with a future specified delivery date, predicting if the price of the product involved will be higher or lower at the end of the contract.
As a partner of our investment group, you don't need any knowledge on these markets. Our website allows you to indirectly profit from these markets with the help of our experts. PM FUND can be seen as a simplified investment broker.

Why us

PM FUND is a group of trusted financial experts ready to help you. Still unsure about joining us? Here are a few things that make us different:

Safe environment:
your money and information are privately stored in our top notch servers and will never be shared!
how do you want to join us? Electronic e-currencies? It doesn't matter; we accept bank wires, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. If you want to use another funding option, contact our support team and we will do our best to accept it!
24-hours rule:
it is our personal goal that you will never wait more than 24 hours for a withdrawal or to receive an answer from our support team!
Affiliate system:
our three level deep affiliate system allows you to increase your earnings by promoting PM FUND to your friends and family!
new to the investment world? No problem, our customer support department has been trained to give you baby steps on how to join our investment alliance!
High profits:
we offer you profit rates you would never find in any standard opportunities!

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